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SDK 4 PENABUR was founded in July 1st, 1965 at GKI JABAR, Bekasi Timur Street IX/6, East Jakarta, by BPK PENABUR. At that time, B PK PENABUR was led by L.B.G. Suryadinata.

Sanggelorang was the very first school principal, followed by J. Sasangla, Endy Jason (19th January 1967 – 30th June 1975), Pratiwi E. Gazuli (30th June 1975 – 30th June 1980), Tien Oeripso (1st July 1980 – 30th June 1984), Esti Suprapti Lukman (30th June 1984 – 30th June 1988), Liliana Kantamihardja (1st July 1990 – 30th June 1992), Esther Kartika, S.Pd (1st July 1992 – 10th July 2006), Sih Kaesti T., S.Pd (12nd July 2006 – 30th June 2012 ). And Wahyu Kristiani, S.Pd (1st July 2012 – until now)

Under the leadership of Drs. Djufrie N. Sentana, M.B.A, BPK PENABUR build another branch for kindergarten school, named TKK 3, in Cipinang Jaya raya street 364, East Jakarta and another branch for 1st and 2nd grades of SDK 4 was relocated to there too. The main reason is so they can easily fetch and bring students together. Another advantage for SDK 4 was that for the afternoon class can be changed into a morning class.

The Staffs who became as the school connector for SDK 4 were: S. Basuki, Daud S. Saputro, Drs. Djufrie Sentana, M.BA, Iwan Lukmana, Dra. Liana Darmadhi, Ratna Rachmad, Wanastri Suleeman, S.Th, Estherlin S. Wibowo, Yunus Djunaedi, Penny Chandra and in 2007-recent are Tjen Lin Ping and Drh. Jan Hedijanto Atmadjaja.

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