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Story Telling Competition

In the beginning, my teacher Ms. Anna Dewi asked me to join the story telling competition at LIA. I felt uncertain to join this competition, but i wanted try to join this competition. After i told my paremts, they agreed for me to join the competition. Ms Anna Dewi gave the story to me. I was shocked when i saw the story because the story was long and i must memorize with it’s intonation.Everyday i always memorized the story after school. The next day i practiced it at my school. I remembered the story.

In the morning before i went to the competition, i prayed to God. I believe that God will help me. I felt very nervous when i told the story but thanks to God because He helped me to remember the story. Thirty minutes later, the committee called my name and said that i won the third prize. I felt very happy because i can represent my school.